Çağrı Koray ÖZTOPÇU

Koray Öztopçu, with his 26 years of banking experience, has been working as Consumer Finance Director since February 2020.

His focus is on e-mobility, electric vehicles, charging stations and sustainable consumer finance. Within the scope of sustainability, working with new products for both individual and commercial customers with different opportunities to support economic growth; E-mobility and sustainable digital shopping loans are an important goals. This sustainability perspective and steps are also compatible with our country's 2053 Carbon Neutral target.

His responsibility also includes financing collaborations and digital shopping loans through partners included in the new growth strategy in the field of consumer finance.

He started his business life as a Management Trainee; In the field of corporate investment banking for 23 years, he developed himself in financial solutions, project finance, PPP financing, Islamic financial products, bond issuances, foreign trade and foreign financing for the sector's largest companies, holdings and international companies, and tried to add new products to the banking sector.

He furthered his management experience in banking with the leadership & marketing programmes in Wharton School and Columbia University.

In order to develop the sector and increase the financing opportunities in an open and always competitive way in front of the world markets, he participates in important organizations and TV-Radio programs in his field as a speaker and shares articles in leading newspapers, magazines and websites that are important in his field.

H conveys its knowledge and experience in the field of banking with new financial models and perspectives that are compatible with E-mobility, the new automotive ecosystem, the developing and growing Turkish automotive sector and banking markets, and the changing world markets, but can compete as a pioneer.

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